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DATA SURVIVAL - More important than anything you can do daily, is be sure you practice data survival. The information you create is the only thing that in time can grow in value. People can move away, or may need replaced, your equipment could be stolen or fail, your building can burn down, or someone can put a harmful virus on your equipment that could erase your disk. You could even have an employee who felt wronged get even by destroying your equipment or trashing your files on the server. Any of these action could put the life line of your business in danger. Unless your data is going to be around tomorrow your wasting your time and efforts now. The most important rule in real estate is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. When it comes to computers the most important rule is BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP. We have specialists on Archiving, preventative maintenance, virus protection, firewall, and ad/banner monitoring. We analyses your current backup needs and recommend a backup solution that ensures your data is archived and secure. If it would cost you a $1000 to re-enter a week of your transactions than your backup system is worth at least a $1000. It's not a matter of will you need a backup system, it's a matter of when that system will save your bottom, because it will happen

DATA RECOVER - If for some reason you do have a hard drive that crashes and you do not have a retrievable backup of critical information we can do data recovery on your hard drive. The worst case would be recovery of information by taking apart the drive and getting information off the platters.